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“I Am Not But I Know I Am” by Louie Giglio

“I Am Not But I Know I Am” by Louie Giglio


There are very few men who have the unique gift of letting you feel good about yourself while telling you the truth.  Christianity is all about the good news of who Jesus is, what He has done, and what that can mean for us.  One of the things that keep people from experiencing the fullness of the Good News is their own misconception of themselves.  We believe that God needs us.  We believe that we have something to bring to the table.  We believe we have earned God’s love, acceptance, forgiveness, etc.  God’s Word is going to tell us over and over again that we are not good enough, we don’t measure up, and cannot come close to earning God’s love and forgiveness on our best day.

Naturally, the Christian message can sometimes be a downer.  When we think we’re killing it, we get dragged down to the reality that it’s all filthy rags compared to the actual standard of holiness and perfection.  Louie, as a voice who proclaims the Good News on a large stage, is one of the few men who can look you in the face and tell you how far off the mark you are, but make you feel good about it at the same time.  Louie is biblically grounded, meaning he doesn’t shift the meaning of the Scriptures to make people like him, so he talks about sin and the consequences of living outside of God’s commands.  But Louie always points us back to grace.  Half of the Good News is that we fall short and are deserving of Hell and separation from God.  The other half of the Good News is that God chooses to save us.  He chooses to use us despite our overwhelming flaws and defects.  He chooses to enter into relationship with us and even invites us to be used by Him in His plan of saving others.

In the book “I Am Not But I Know I Am,” Louie makes us excited about how small we are.  He makes us feel good about how insignificant we are.  He makes us happy about our inability to measure up to God’s standards.  He opens the veil and allows us to see God for who He really is.  The point of life is not how good we are, how successful, or how beautiful – the point is God.  One of Louie’s greatest gifts is communicating deep, theological truths in a way that we can understand.  This is probably the main reason why the Passion Conferences are so successful.  Anyone who can get college students to understand the deeper things of God while telling them not to think of themselves to much is truly gifted.  Louie’s book is a great read, and I would highly recommend it to all ages.  I am thankful to the Lord for how He continues to use Louie Giglio for the glory of His name.

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